How it works


Risk assessment

You identify a critical process that you want to secure. Garbage in, garbage out; some applications cannot afford that risk.



We help you to integrate our technology to enforce the correct execution of your process and to make it more transparent.



A full audit trail is provided to you and to your clients while your critical process runs. Anyone can monitor its correct execution with ease.

Top features

Easy-to-use interfaces

Security should not imply complexity. Our simple interfaces give you quick access to a safer world whilst not compromising on security. This way, you can focus on the rest of your application.

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Blockchain agnostic services

Most of our magic lives outside of the blockchain, yet its power is fully unleashed within the blockchain context. Use it wherever you need, we are integrated with them all.

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Military-grade security

We make heavy use of Trusted Execution Environments! All the data we process can be backed by strong proofs showing that no tampering has happened.

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Open-source software

Most of the software we produce is open-source and all the critical pieces are published as such. We have been contributing back to the community for years, no strings attached. Head over to our github to find out more!

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Certified processes

While authenticity proofs give transparency to the execution of our processes, external audits verify that our code does what it should do. We cover the entire audit trail - everything is being monitored from inception to execution.

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Flexible yet efficient

Our services are built around real-world needs. We have been listening to our clients' feedback for years and throughout iteration after iteration we have refined our services to what they are today. Flexibility and efficiency are our utmost priorities.

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Well established

In production on blockchain mainnets since 2015. We have processed more than 1 millions requests to date - and counting!

Widely adopted

Powering thousands of innovative decentralized projects, thanks to our ubiquitous integration on every major blockchain.


Featured in "Mastering Ethereum" as well as many other books, tutorials and educational programs all around the world.


Secure enclaves

HW-backed keystores

Secure element platform

Software-based isolation

Smart contracts




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